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In the month of September, I also had to train all society committee officials, and this was a wonderful experience. Together with the Societies coordinator (Emma and Julia), we had prepared the training slides for that day, this is one of the important training for societies because it is a good opportunity for us to remind them about the procedures of running a society, in terms of room bookings, or running events and many more.

We also had to prepare them for fresher’s week, different tips were given for example I had mentioned that the societies fair is the best time of the year to sell your society to new and old students, so you need to make your table as attractive as possible and tell them exciting things you have planned for the year ahead.

Also, “TWEEKS” is a very good opportunity as this is done for two weeks, it is a good time for students to try out different societies for free.

I had to deliver a session titled “Leadership and Time Management” which had about 23 committee members present at the lecture room listening to me, a lot of them took photos of the slides and wrote down their email addresses so I could email the slides out to them.

After the training, we gathered back at Square one for team building exercise, so the officials can have fun playing games and interacting with each other. 

My team and I were also involved in the CUC Freshers week, and went for some induction talks with Jordan, and went around to see the different stalls outside the CUC building, it was amazing as well.

Freshers week started, and it was full of so many exciting events and students who had arrived back at Coventry, I had the opportunity to welcome and pick up some new students at Birmingham Airport, we spoke to the students and dropped them off at their different accommodation the I was involved in delivering Halls Induction talks, the first one was at priory hall and a lot of students were happy to listen to my team and I, we explained what CUSU is all about and the various opportunities we offer.

My team and I also attended most of the fresher’s week events, the first event which was the welcome party, it was well attended by so many students, the societies fair was fantastic, I went around every single stall speaking to the different committee officials about fair and I got loads of good comments, they got different students who were interested in joining and knowing more about their society. I also got involved in dancing with some of the students during the fair.

We also had to give induction talks alongside the Faculty Reps, Senior course reps to new students, we discussed the different opportunities available to them at CUSU and got most people who were interested in being a course rep ad getting involved in the union. I also supported the Reps department with their “Fresher’s Big Quiz” by attending and the turnout was amazing.

I had a meeting with Sharon from Events works Europe, who was working with the HLS building this year for the open days to provide entertainment and many more, we discussed how we could get societies to perform and provide entertainment at the open days for Oct and Nov, I was able to contact different societies in music and performance and most of them were happy to get involved and perform at the open day and it was fantastic and a very good experience for them. Sharon had given comments about this as well.


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