Make a Difference Day - Zoe's Place

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On the 16th of OCT, my team and I, got involved with the Volunteering make a difference day, we came into work and headed out in a taxi to Zoe’s place (Baby Hospice). It was a wonderful experience, we had the opportunity to meet the staff at the place and help in clearing up the garden for the children as well. We all worked as a team and were given the tools to use in clearing and the bin bags. We were told that the children have been unable play in the garden because of the leaves which keeps falling due to weather change.

We helped in cleaning and arranging the garden, and it was very clean by the time we finished, the staff were very happy and took the children out to play in the garden after we left, I’m very happy about the impact we played at the Zoe’s place and I hope that a lot of students can also get involved in MADD. Over all it was a good experience and I will love to get involved in making a difference at the community.


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