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Rina Ndebe your CU Coventry Campus Officer

Get to know more about your CU Coventry Campus Officer for the 2020/21 academic year

Rina Ndebe

Hello amazing people

My name is Rina M Ndebe I am a 3rd-year student of Management and Leadership. I am from South Africa but my heritage is from the DRC, I describe myself as Miss Keen because I am very keen to try new things and help anyone who needs it.

I thank everyone who voted during the elections and I am humbled to be officially your 2020/2021 CUC Campus officer. In this role, my main goal is to represent our voices within CUSU and ensure we have an effective Rep system. My team and I aim to give you all the best student experience we can and show you all the opportunities available to you within Your CUSU.

This year is like no other before, we are here at this moment in history. It's our moment so let's embrace it and make the best of it, I look forward to representing you.


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