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Exam Stress - Preparation And Management

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Everyone knows the old saying from school ‘Fail to Prepare, Prepare to Fail’. We aren’t looking to be as ominous as this, but getting ready for an exam and putting your all into your coursework is important. Below, we’ve compiled a series of tips in how to effectively manage your time and study strategies to help you remember everything you need!


  • Time management. Often you’ll be trying to juggle coursework deadlines, lectures, outside commitments, and a social life in amongst all this! But you can manage it with a little bit of organisation. A timetable can really help in the busiest of cases, but even just allocating certain days or times of day to specific things can be useful. For example, Mondays could be coursework, Tuesdays for revision, and so on and so forth.
  • Organise your notes. To revise effectively, you need to have all your notes together. If they’re scattered throughout multiple documents or notebooks, start bringing them together in a way that means you can access everything easily. Create your very own revision pack with what works for you – colour coding and using document dividers in folders are good starts. But whatever you choose, make sure it works for you, try out a few methods and see which one you find most effective.
  • Don’t cram! Some people swear that last minute cramming is what works best for them, but even if this is how you work, starting early isn’t going to hurt, plus it takes a lot of the stress out when you break studying and coursework into managable chunks.
  • Take breaks. This sounds counterintuitive but having enough downtime to relax and unwind is key to making sure you can work efficiently and properly. Schedule breaks during revision and take a day or a few evenings a week to give yourself a proper break and some rest. Exercise makes an excellent use of a break too; it gets you away from the desk and out of the academic mind-set.


Remember to take care you you as well, take time to breathe, eat a balanced meal, sleep well and get out and spend time with your friends. Effective studying doesn't mean you have to be constantly working on assignments,. A balanced life will make you all the mroe productive. By managing your time you can make sure you're on top of your coursework and your revision all while still being able to have some downtime and enjoy a night out.


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