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New Cafe Space!

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Image of the new cafe space at Coventry University London

Last week we had an exciting development at our Central London site.

A redesigned coffee shop opened up serving a wider range of food and drink for our students as well as improving the customer experience by building in more space for you to que to get your hot drinks. The University have also streamlined the flow of customers away from a busy corridor meaning students can more easily get to their teaching sessions. We worked closely with the University on this redevelopment facilitating a student focus group which saw over 30 students attend. The University and our Sodexo partners were really keen to hear the student feedback and it is great to see that feedback in action. 

There will be further chances to get involved in providing feedback to the University in the coming weeks so keep an eye on your emails for these opportunities! Your feedback is vital to improving your experience here at Coventry University London and there are many ways you can do this. You can sign up to be a student representative or even just speak to your student rep about your thoughts and allow them to pass on the information to the University if you don't want to do so yourself. Alternatively, you can come and speak to your CUSU team in the Student Lounge, we will be happy to facilitate your feedback as appropriate.  


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