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Reps' Bulletin 03-04-2020

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What's on for Reps?

Now that life at Coventry University has been turned upside down by the coronavirus, campus has shut down and a lot of services have moved online. The Reps Team will post a short weekly bulletin to let you know what is coming up for Reps over the next seven days. 

Here's what Reps have done over the last seven days and what you should know for next week...



Classes and teaching at Coventry University has moved online and so has the Rep system. Our Forum meetings will now take place on Microsoft Teams. Staff and Reps have joined Teams on Microsoft Teams, where they can discuss students' academic experiences over the next few weeks.

This week, Reps from all Forums left comments and ideas on behalf of the students they represent. It is now over to academic staff to address these points.

Thank you to Reps who have contributed to discussions on Teams! You are making sure that students' voices are heard in spite of the coronavirus and how it has affected Coventry University.


Student Voice Working Groups

Last year, Rodolfos Maslias, the former Faculty Rep of EEC, set up a Student Voice Working Group (SVWG) for Reps to meet regularly with some of the most senior staff in the Faculty. We now hold these meetings across all Faculties, putting Faculty and School Reps in the same room as members of the Faculty's Deanery so that the student voice can be heard at the highest level.

This week, three Faculties' Student Voice Working Groups met. Here's what happened...

Business and Law

  • the FBL SVWG will now meet weekly, not monthly, to hear students' comments and concerns
  • the FBL Deanery are keen to know about students' experiences of private accommodation! Its member have been in contact with FutureLets to ensure that students' queries are resolved within two working days, but if Reps hear about students' problems with accommodation, they should not be afraid to raise it with the Deanery
  • FBL staff have used a variety of digital services and platforms to continue teaching. Any staff who are struggling will receive support. (If students are having difficulty accessing digital or online resources, they should speak to the IT Service Rep of their School!)

Engineering, Environment and Computing

  • students on Aerospace courses asked if any handwritten work should be scanned and sent to lecturers; it is up to the module leaders to decide on the method of assessment, but if any handwritten work is scanned, it must be legible. Illegible work will not be marked!
  • many EEC students are pleased with the Faculty's offer to sit examinations "open-book"
  • the Deanery reminded students that, if they are not in a strong enough mental state to be assessed, they have the option to defer
  • EEC staff have used services like Aula and Moodle to continue teaching online, but if students have no access to the right devices or to the Internet, they should consider deferral
  • like FBL, the EEC Faculty is keen to hear about students' problems with private accommodation, particularly postgraduate students or international students.

Health and Life Sciences

  • students in HLS have taken a shine to Big Blue Button! Its services will continue for future teaching
  • HLS staff are encouraged to use Padlet to give students the chance to ask questions about their education
  • HLS students are encouraged to speak to their lecturers and course directors about extensions to deadlines, as university-wide communications may make general points about extensions that may not apply to some individual courses


Keeping you smiling!

We were sad not to be able to host Battle of the Faculties this year. Rest assured that the Reps Team is working on new ways of geting our Reps together for some lighthearted competition. In fact, here's one for the Easter holidays...

The CUSU Reps Team will hold a digital Easter egg hunt next week. If you happen to spot an Easter eggs on any of our pages and show us where you found it, we will enter you in a prize draw, closing on the 13th of April. The winner will receive a £50 Amazon voucher. Two runners-up will receive a £20 Amazon voucher each.

So if you catch sight of an egg on one of our pages, contact us - email or message us on one of our social media channels. Happy hunting!


Service Reps

While Course Reps speak to students about their academic experience, Service Reps speak up for students' experiences of the Lanchester Library and the University's iT Services. Here is some information that Service Reps have received concerning the library:

  • most key texts have been digitised; the Lanchester's staff are working hard to go through academics' reading lists and search for texts that need to be digitised
  • the Lanchester runs numerous digital services which should alleviate students' concerns about access to texts and study support
  • all books are now due back by the end of June this year; reservations have been suspended
  • there is a coronavirus-themed FAQ available: click here 


Rep applications for 2020/2021

Applications to be a Rep next year remain open. If you would like to represent the academic interests of students on your course, please complete the application form here. If you would like to become a Senior Course Rep, leading a team of Reps, chairing meetings, taking minutes and recruiting other students, please indicate in your application that you would like to be considered for a Senior role.

If you would like to represent students' experience of Coventry University's services - the Lanchester Library and the IT Services - please complete the Service Rep application form here. If you would like to be a Senior Service Rep, leading a team of Service Reps, attending meetings and focus groups on behalf of students and recruiting other students as Reps, please complete the separate application form for Senior Service Reps here.


Want to become a Rep? Complete the application form here:


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