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What have EEC Reps done for you so far this term?

What have Reps done for EEC students this term? Read on to find out about the work your Reps do for you...

It has been a busy start to the academic term for students in EEC. Our Reps have heard a lot about exam results, assessment feedback and students' experiences of the new academic calendar. Earlier this year, students from across Coventry University came to the EC building to put questions to four members of the Vice-Chancellor's Office, the senior leadership team of Coventry University and the CU Group, about their work to support students.

With the next round of Student Voice Forum meetings taking place in one month's time, let's look at some of the things that EEC Reps have raised and resolved so far this term...

  • UG Aviation & Management reported that students on Engineering Business Management courses were due for a four-hour lecture on a Friday afternoon, 2-6pm. Your Reps got it rescheduled with an hour-long break in between halves and all content taught before 4pm.
  • Reps in UG Civil Engineering were in a similar position but also persuaded the course director to include a break halfway through their four-hour lecture.
  • You reported microphone problems in one of EEC's biggest lecture halls AND that lectures weren't being recorded properly. Reps have resolved both issues, lecturers now use alternative microphones and are double checking that their sessions are being recorded.
  • In UG Aerospace, a communication problem meant that one lecturer didn't attend his own lecture! Thanks to Reps the absent lecturer has agreed to hold a replacement lecture.
  • Students in UG Automotive & Motorsport felt boxed into a small lecture hall. Thanks to the Reps, the lectures were moved to one of the biggest halls in the Faculty.

There have also been bigger issues that will need further work:

  • To appeal the grade received in an assessment you must submit your appeal within ten days of getting the grade, but it can take up to ten days to receive your exam transcript. Reps for PG Computing, Electronics & IT will be pursuing this at a higher level.
  • Students in UG Manufacturing and PG Management & Logistics want more practical learning experience. Manufacturing students want to visit local factories and small business and Supply Chain Management students want to make use of the tools and machinery EEC has at its disposal. Lecturers for both Forums are looking into giving students more opportunities to get their hands dirty!

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Did Your Course Reps Raise The Right Feedback?

If you would like to discuss your academic experience at Coventry University, please email We will be happy to put you in touch with the relevant Course Reps or pass on your comments to them.


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