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Anja Davis - #ThisisCUSU

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"I'm a third year Integrative Counselling Theory and Practice Student. I just love counselling. I love helping other people. It makes me feel better about me. I thought I'd re-educate myself, considering I left school at 12 and I left with no education and I came to a point in my life where I needed to be doing something constructive with my life and that's when I decided at 35 that I was gonna go back into education. I love being a senior rep. I love it. I love just being there for my peers and I love helping people, it's my core. I just like supporting other people where I can. Taking on board what they have to say and hopefully helping them deal with any situation or issue that may be happening at the time. I work for a charity in help, advice and guidance so again I'm in the helping role and I also do counselling. I'm a part of a group called a wonky mcdonkey fundraising group who actually raise money for local charities. It's just a bunch of mates who get together and raise some money for fun. What else do I do? I walk my dog. Spend time with my husband. And I love my son." - Anja Davis - 3rd Year Integrative Counselling


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