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Elections Guidance Autumn 2020

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CUSU Elections 2020 Guidance

If you are unsure about any of the following guidance please contact the CUSU Elections Team at


Any person wishing to be a candidate must nominate themselves via the CUSU Website

Becoming a Candidate

To become a candidate a nominee must undertake essential candidate training, information about the briefing sessions will be sent to you upon your nomination and can be found on the Campus Elections website areas.

Manifestos and Campaign posters

Manifestos should be submitted online through the elections page by the publicised deadline. Printed campaign posters cannot be used due to COVID regulations. Digital campaign posters must include a picture of the candidate, details of voting week, the web link to vote and the CUSU logo. The Deputy Returning Officer can send back any manifesto or poster that contains unlawful, false, misleading, or offensive material.

For additional Manifesto guidance there is a document available that may help you design the best manifesto!


The combining of candidates into slates is not allowed under our election regulations. Candidates cannot share campaign materials.

Campaign Teams

CUSU does encourage Candidates to organise campaign teams. This is a group of other students who support and campaign for them in order to engage students in the elections across campuses. All members of campaign teams must be declared to the elections team before campaigning starts. Campaign teams cannot be made up of other candidates in the election as this would be a violation of the rule on Slates (please see above).


As this is a digital election only, there is no expenses as we are not allowing any printed or physical resources to be used in this election. Free to use software and digital assets will be made available to candidates to ensure a fair playing field.

Already owned equipment, which it is reasonable to assume all other candidates will have access to an equivalent of, are permitted without deduction from expenses. Candidates should refer to the Free and Fair Usage Guidance and speak to the CUSU Elections team for information on what is permissible.


Campaigning can begin after manifestos are published by Tuesday 3rd November. Any candidate publishing campaign materials before this time is in violation of this direction.

Campaigns must focus on why that candidate is the best for the role. Candidates are not allowed to run negative campaigns. This means criticising another candidate’s character.

Voting Booths

There will be no voting booths in the Autumn Elections in order to adhere to the latest COVID-19 guidelines. All voting will be done through the website.

Mobile Devices

Once a voter begins to use their mobile device to vote, it for all intents and purposes becomes a voting booth. Candidates must give the voter space to complete the voting process and not influence them when voting on their mobile device.

Additional COVID-19 Guidelines

All candidates must comply with the latest COVID-19 guidance at all times. This includes maintaining a 2m safe distance from other students. For the latest rules and guidelines please check the Coventry University website.

Mailing Lists

Candidates are not permitted to use pre-existing mailing lists.


Please refer to guidance document.



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