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The University and the Students’ Unions are two separate organisations and therefore under data protection legislation and the agreement between both organisations you need to confirm that you are happy for the University to share your information with us. When students are unable to log into the website it is typically because you have not confirmed with the University that you are happy for this data to be shared.

What does this mean for elections?

Well this means that you would not be able to participant in the election. This includes standing for a role or voting.

This is because your data would either not be in our system or not up to date which means that system will not know that you should be eligible to vote.

How can i fix this?

If you follow the steps outlined below you will confirm that you are happy for your data to be shared.

  1. Log into the University’s NOVA System
  2. Log into the Data Protection Section and Select Data Sharing Agreements
  3. Where is says Coventry University Students’ Union select ‘Yes’ then click update

Please note: that it takes around 48 hours for your data to appear in our system.

Once this is done and your data is in our system you will be able to log into the CUSU Website using your University account information.

Registration Deadlines

If you want to be able to nominate yourself for a role you should register by: Monday 15th February 2021 or contact the elections team by emailing

If you want to be able to vote in this election you should register by: Monday 15th March 2021.


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