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Sitting Rooms of Culture

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Sitting Rooms of Culture was set up as a Coventry creative artists
community response to the Covid19 lockdown to help people through
creativity by connecting and sharing their creative talents. Bringing
together artists, musicians and creatives of all types along with
people who are dusting off their creative spirit for the first time.
There is a connection between creativity and mental and emotional

Mary Courtney a community artist from Coventry alongside Kirsty
Brewerton an artist and NHS Sister from Coventry got together with
Heather S Davison and Paul Curtis from Coventry and decided to build
an online community group that would connect local creative people and
encourage them to start creating whilst not being able to go to work
or retired.

Initially setting up a Facebook, Instagram and Twitter group called
Sitting Rooms of Culture, they then started encouraging artists to
share their creative output

Approaching Coventry City of Culture Trust CEO Martin Sutherland about
funding the project for a 12 week period was agreed upon, then the
group approached 12 local artists to produce video’s encouraging other
people to get creative in their homes and take part in the challenges.

Mary Courtney groups co-founders commented “We need creativity the Art
of Confinement during this time”.

Each Saturday at midday the group releases a video from an artist
during the 12 week programme where you can learn new skills. Artists
featured include musician Mahendra Patel from Kadence Music, dance
teacher Olivier Franck, animator Dana Alexander Chis, photographer
Aimi J Donnelly, artist Andrea Mbarushimana, illustrator Carlo
Tramantano, Ludic Rooms Dom Breadmore, Video Film Maker Sherrie Edgar,
creative artist Beth Appleby and both Kirsty Brewerton and Mary

Sitting Rooms of Culture can be found at
Facebook @Sitting Rooms of Culture Group Page
Instagram @sitting rooms of culture
Twitter @CultureRooms



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