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The CET Building - ‘pop-up’ artspace and museum

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Recently Coventry has been reclaiming disused properties and repurposing them for new and wonderful events.

Shop Front Festival was a perfect example of this last month, using closed down shops alongside spaces within functioning businesses, like IKEA and The Yard, to host live, seemingly impromptu performances.

Coventry Dreaming at Ikea during The Shop Front Festival

Coventry Dreaming in IKEA (Shop Front Festival 2018)

But a place that gets a little less coverage is the Old Coventry Evening Telegraph building in Coventry City Centre, or The CET as it’s more fondly known.

For nearly a year now the building has been open as a Pop Up Art Space and Museum, offering self guided tours and holding host to many exhibitions.


Fold by Holly Rowan Hesson (Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2017)

How do I know if I’m addicted? by Martin Green (Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2017)

Len Cattell’s Aboriginal Inspired Artwork

Including the Coventry Biennial of Contemporary Art 2017, Jonny Bark's Inhabiting Edgelands, the BCU MA Show, Len Cattell’s Aboriginal Inspired Artwork and more recently, Permutations, an exhibition of handwoven mathematics by Theo Wright.

But it doesn’t stop at art exhibitions.

Open Rehearsals of #RetoldCov with Mercurial Dance

Mercurial Dance recently performed open rehearsals for #ReToldCov on the CET’s ground floor, Urban Culture held their Preview Show there, with graffiti artists taking over the publishing gallery, and this weekend Synthcurious returned with a live sound installation.

Aerial view of Synthcurious performing live in the rear press hall

Taking full advantage of the rear press hall’s acoustics to wow visitors with their synthesiser sound that played alongside projections from talented Coventry photographer tschock_tschock.

Photography projections in the upper gallery

Sadly the building is only open to the public until 16th June, then it closes in preparation for The Belgrade Theatre and Mercurial Dance's ‘Read All About It - Retold’  interactive, cabaret-style show, that will take over the CET's foyer from 10th - 14th July - which will be the last use of the building prior to it's redevelopment into a boutique style hotel.

Tickets can be purchased for the event here

There are rumours that when the building reopens that some of the lower area may be kept as an art or cultural events space. This ideas seems popular with many local people, who have really embraced the work of emerging local artists and musicians, who the CET have helped to expose, within the heart of our city.


Photos by Tara Rutledge


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