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Update: Running towards 1st November

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A lot has changed in 4 months, and we are sure a lot more will change in the 4 months run up to our event. We are keen to update you each step of the way.

Coventry is a city famed for its innovation (having been the birthplace of the bicycle and motorcar) and with that spirit and determination we have been making headway for our Festival of Running. Our FoR Coventry team can’t wait for the 1st November and are working hard to test every possible scenario. Some of our scenarios include social distancing, staggered starts, management of spectators, services and much more.

We are confident in our approach to never cancel the event and look for rescheduling – your entry is safe with us.

One of our big benefits is our size (but that does also mean there’s a higher demand for places). As we are a smaller event, it allows us to have formed realistic solutions for when government guidance is formally issued. We continue to follow advice from the government and we are working with the council and our partners, as well as other event organisers on the best solutions. The safety for Coventry residents and our runners will always remain a priority.

We know how COVID19 has affected many communities across our area and the world. We absolutely remain committed to our charity partners and everyone fundraising for their chosen charities. We know that our Festival of Running can be part of the solution to recovery and we continue our commitment to support our city, our runners, our communities and all our partners.

The Festival of Running is 18 weeks away – that’s 4 months! We know that where we are now is not where we were four months ago and neither will we be in the same place in November. That means there is still plenty of time to train and there is neither a need, nor should there be a desire, to be at your peak fitness for the event just yet.

Using Linford Christie’s famous quote ‘PMA – Positive Mental Attitude’

We are looking forward to seeing you on the start line on 1st November.

The FoR Team


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