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University Governance Focus - Share your views on university decision making

Share your views on how the University is run and how decisions are made at the Good Governance Focus Group. We are particularly interested in hearing from students who haven't been involved in University decision making or committees before. £10 Amazon Voucher for participants.

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The Good Governance Institute (GGI) has been appointed by Coventry University to undertake a governance review. We are looking for students who haven't been involved in University decision making or committees before to take part in an online focus group on Wednesday 21st October from 11:15  - 12:45. Participants will also receive a £10 Amazon voucher for taking part!

Aim of the focus group

This focus group aims to get input and views from students on the effectiveness of the way the University is governed, including the role the Board of Governors and its sub-committees play in good governance at the University. The session will be designed to gather a range of perspectives from students to help inform the review.  It will be confidential, and any discussion points used in the final report will be kept anonymous, and won’t be attributed individuals. 

The focus group will aim to cover some key themes including:

  1. Your understanding of how the University is run
  2. Your views about how decisions are made
  3. Your thoughts on student engagement in decision-making
  4. Your suggestions for the future.


The focus group will run for no more than ninety minutes. No preparation work is required. We will send out some further information about the focus group shortly ahead of the session.

Register your interest to take part here by 5pm on the 15th October.




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