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2021 Election Outcomes

This year's elections were different than what everyone wanted or expected. Nevertheless, the candidates that run this year are determined and committed to help the society grow. The current operational environment is one that arises many challenges for the committee in terms of organising events and activities that are socially stimulating. It is hard to face this new reality especially when the main purpose of a society is to get people together to socialise in a safe, fun and interactive environment.

Despite these challenges, the committee is prepared to overcome whatever is thrown in its direction to organise events and activities as well as support for their members. The committee will carry out its normal activity always keeping in mind issues such as inclusion and diversity.

With all of this said......This year's CU Aviation Society Committee:

President - Denijs Abele

Vice-President - Teodora Jianu

Brand Ambassador & Executive Director - Arun Aujla

Treasurer - Fayyaz Garda

First Year Liaison Officer - Martyna Rosak

Inclusions Officer - Matthew Lear

Social Media Officer- Sahid Miah



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