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***£39 TRIP TO PARIS 2020***

***PARIS 2020***


Q: How do I book to attend the trip?

A: Booking page link:

Or head to and type in the trip code: CovCommercial2020

Q: I am not a member of CAS, but a student, am I still able to attend?

A: No. You must be paid members of CAS in order to attend the trip. The cost of membership (£7) makes up for the £250 CGE funding you would be entitled to for the trip.

Q: Is it possible to book the trip first and apply for funding after?

A: Yes. The deposit must be paid by 08/03/2020*. The remaining £250 from the balance will be removed once your eligibility for funding is confirmed.

Q: How do I apply for funding?

A: We recommend you email: with your student ID number – full name and student email address to check your eligibility. Once confirmed:

The trip can now be found on InPlace ( under the title CUSU Commercial Awareness field trip led by VG to Paris, France 25/04/2020 to 29/04/2020.

You may apply and email CAS the above details also.

Q: If I have gone on another trip during this year before with CGE funding, am I eligible to go again?

A: It may not be possible, dependent on the circumstances on each case. To confirm eligibility, please email your student ID number and full name to CAS.

Q: Is there a deadline as to when I can apply for funding?

Applications for funding are open from 17.02.2020 – 10.04.2020

Q: Why is it that when I pay the deposit my account still has £250 still outstanding?

A: Once your eligibility for funding has been approved the remaining amount will be removed. Please do not worry if you have applied and the account still has that figure.

Q: I am interested in coming to the trip, but the deadline to book has passed, can I still attend?

A: It may be possible to release extra tickets. Please email CAS your interest with your student ID number and full name.

St Christopher’s Inns Canal

159 Rue de Crimee, 75019

Paris, France

? 3 nights Bed and Breakfast

? Outgoing rep to help and support you during your trip

? Outgoing Big Night Out

? Bronze Insurance included

? Admission to the Citeco





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