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Become a Student Mentor

We have partnered with the software platform Vygo to offer new students a way to connect with current students when they join the university.

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As an experienced student, you will be given the opportunity to train as a mentor and give support to first year students who will be starting in September or thereafter.

As a mentor, your role will be helping someone to ‘transition into university life and learn to study effectively’. We will make sure you have all the tools and training to help your mentees achieve their goals.

Not only is mentoring a great CV booster, being able to support others can be really rewarding. The mentoring training will provide you with skills and knowledge that you can take beyond university and you will receive Open Badges for both completing the training and providing mentoring support to your fellow peers.   

How to apply

If you would like to become a mentor, you will need to register your interest by filling out a Vygo – Peer Mentoring form and complete an hour-long online training module. New students will then be matched to you based on course, school or interests, and be able to reach out to you for support through the app or by direct messaging and/or a 1:1 video session.

You can manage your own time as a mentor – how much time you spend on Vygo is entirely up to you. Some weeks you might just respond to a message or two, and on others you might decide to book in a 30 or 60 minute mentoring session.

The Vygo Student Success Team are on hand to support you with technical issues and with navigating the platform. Your Programme Manager is the first point of contact if you are unsure about anything relating to the role.

There are over 800 current Vygo mentors from across the university. They are an amazing group of students and will be there to support you as part of a community, in dealing with different mentoring queries and helping you to grow in confidence.

Follow these five simple steps to become a mentor:

1.            Complete the Microsoft Form to register your interest as a Peer Mentor

2.            Complete the training so you feel equipped and confident in your new role

3.            Get instructions from the Vygo team on how to set up your profile on the Vygo app

4.            Set up your profile and answer the peer matching quiz questions

5.            Become an awesome mentor! 


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