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UPDATED - 'In Conversation With...' event for the Coventry Law School

Video and Transcript added - A quick overview on some of the key talking points from the 'In Conversation With...' event with representatives from the Coventry Law School.

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Welcome to a brief review of the 'In Conversation With...' event for the Coventry Law School

The panel consisted of:

  • Alan East - Associate Head of School- Student Experience
  • Gary Betts - Head of School
  • Steve Foster - Curriculum Lead Associate Professor

Questions were posed to the panel by :

  • Indica Norcup - SU Vice President Welfare and Inclusion

The event was hosted by Maryam Ali, CUSU Student Experience Coordinator. Below, we aim to give you a small summary of some of the conversation points from the event.

At times, the talent team have not able to give course specific advice on job market and such. What extra support can the school make available to students post-graduation to help with employability. 

We have the talent team and we in the law school do collaborate with the talent team but we recognise that going into the legal profession is fairly bespoke. So what we have on Aula as a starting point is the work opportunities and employability page. This page provides compressive guidance on how to get into the legal profession, for example which part of the profession. It provides the details of what’s required to qualify for each of the professions. It goes a step further, we have what we call ‘raising the bar’ which is our internal law school employability initiative. This provides work opportunities for example Coventry City council are offering training contracts, there is information on there right now on when that will take place and who to speak to. In addition to that ‘Raising the bar’ has lots of interesting and enjoyable events to help with employability, so we have had the evening spotlight where students can come along and listen to inspired lawyers for example the president of the las society. We have ‘spill the afternoon tea’ for short bites of information and topical issues with professionals. Employability is not just about knowing how to get into the profession its about engaging with the profession, its about making those contacts – and that’s what this initiative is. Do get into this now and ask questions, I have the ‘Ask Alan’ sessions where student can come along and take advantage of my experience. We are ready to engage with you and support you. I would say you engage with us on day one of your first year, so we can help you make informed choices.

Does the school have any exclusive industry links for work placements? 

We have lots of different lectures in the school who have lots of different links. We do have those industry links, we do try and put as many as possible on the work opportunity and employability page, for example we have meeting with Ofqual which is based in Coventry, their director of services would like students to do placements there. We are building those links and those will be on the Aula page. There is a national mentoring scheme with Allen and Overy, which is very large Law firm. We were the first Law school to join forces with them, so all of our students got given the opportunity to be mentored by a qualified lawyer, in a competitive environment. So we have lots of links. We also work with our Alumni, who often send us opportunities. We have many industrial and professional links. We also have the annual crown prosecution service placements, it was recently only and we had 30 student attend. It will take place next semester, the crown prosecution service will put on a whole week where students will work through the magistrates court, the crown court and meet their senior leaders and actually deal with a scenario.  

Will the school consider making the Coventry Law Centre Legal Clinic available to be used by all students rather than just specific module students? 

We would like to, we think it’s a great way to learn practical skills. We are looking at different ways to achieve that, we want to enhance our prevision of clinical legal education. We very recently asked students to volunteer for public legal education on what is called the street law, which is slightly different as it where people can go to a school to deliver some sort of lecture or guidance. We are looking at offering more of the placements on the clinic but doing additional things as well. We also have the CPD modules running throughout, so the clinic will align with that. We are also looking at postgraduates as well.

For more information on the ‘In Conversation With…’ events, there is a full schedule available here. If you missed this event, please find transcript here.  If you would like to watch the event back, please see video below.


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