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Multi-Factor Authentication Roll-out

Multi-Factor Authentication is beginning to be rolled out for year 2 and 3 students from 5th October 2021 across the University Group...

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Multi Factor Authentication (MFA) means using two or more independent factors to verify a user's identity for a log-in, similar to many systems used for online banking. As well as your username and password, you will receive a single-use code or message asking for confirmation of your log-in attempt.

When is it coming to you?

Faculty/Campus                                Deployment Date

CU Coventry                                       5 October 2021

Coventry University London               7 October 2021

CU London                                        12 October 2021

CU Scarborough                                12 October 2021

CU Wroclaw                                       12 October 2021

Faculty of EE&C                                14, 19, 21 October 2021

Business & Law                                 2, 4 November 2021  

Arts & Humanities                              26, 28 October 2021

Health & Life Sciences                      11, 16, 18 November 2021,                                                                                         


For further information

Link to Wayfinder    

For more information see the Multi Factor User Guide


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