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November 2021 Graduations Update:

CUSU President November 2021 Graduation Update

This message is for all students who are eligible to attend the November Graduation Ceremonies (finished your course in February 2021 onwards) and have not had communication from the University.

Unfortunately, I am aware that most of you impacted still have not heard anything from registry with regards to your graduation ceremonies. As promised, I waited until the end of last Friday, 17th of September, to see if registry would contact any of you, it did not happen.

I have now followed up with registry, I am aware that some students that submitted their last assignment in July/Aug 2021 have already received an email asking them to register for their graduation ceremony. In the meantime, I am working with the University Senior Leadership Team to resolve this issue.

I have been asked to communicate three solutions:

  1. Try registration via this link
  2. Email, don’t forget to include your full name and student id number on the email.
  3. or, call +44(0)2477652200 and select option 2, to speak to the academic registry graduation team.

Hope this helps and I will keep you updated.

Kind Regards,

Catarina F. Cardoso

CUSU President

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