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The Time to Change Employer Pledge

Abbey Ojo (VP Welfare and Community) and John Abell (Chief Executive) with our Time to Change Employ L-R: John Abell, Abbey Ojo

The Time to Change Employer Pledge is a commitment to changing the way we all think and act about mental health in the workplace.

The Employer Pledge and Employer Action Plan supports CUSU to put in place best-practice interventions and policy to help our staff work in ways that promote a positive mental wellbeing

They aim to empower people to challenge stigma and speak openly about their own mental health experiences, as well as changing the attitudes and behaviours towards those of us with mental health problems.

The Time to Change Employer Pledge is a straightforward, free way to demonstrate CUSU's commitment to our employees’ mental health, and to creating an environment where can they be open about it.

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