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Walk and Talk Wednesday Overview

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Earlier this year, we launched our Walk and Talk Wednesday series to support the CUBRIT2021 campaign. The idea was simple, short interviews between William Garnett (CUSU Staff Member) and Students, Staff and Alumni. The twist, they were filmed whilst walking, via Microsoft Teams. Meaning we could connect with the participants but also continue to stay physically active during lockdown. It was also important that this acted as a tool for listeners to either inspire them to move, contact a friend or family member or just listen and engage in the conversation.  

We finished with eight engaging episodes, speaking to a mixture of participants. Please find a short summary and link to each recording below. Most episodes lasted between 20-30 minutes, hopefully providing enough time for a short bit of activity during the day. 

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 1| Meg Varley

Episode one saw Meg Varley join the call, current Scholar and Student at Coventry University. We braved the snow to explore her busy student and professional life. Learning about her involvement with Worcester Valkyries, whilst discussing her stance on the ‘We care’ movement in rugby.  

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 2 | Maxim Maddox

In episode two, we speak to Max, the current 1st team captain of Coventry University Mens team. We talk about how he dealt with lockdown, exploring what kept him and Coventry University Hockey going during this time. We dug a little deeper getting Max to think about his “Why”, why does he do sport? A deep thinker with a very relaxed approach.  

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 3 | Sam Ajoku (Sport and Wellbeing Officer)

Our first Elected Officer joined us in episode three. Our current Sport and Wellbeing Officer, Sam Ajoku came and discussed the challenging year he had faced within his role. We also reflect on some of the achievements and what he can take forward into new roles.  

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 4| Millie Mac

Return of the Mac, in episode four we got to see the return of Millie Mac. Our previous Sport and Wellbeing Officer. We discuss her university experience, life after university and the Legacy she has left behind. A great conversation that is relevant for many young students, well worth a listen.  

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 5 | Lewis Stanley

Episode five saw an engaging conversation with Cycling President Lewis Stanley. We discuss the boom in cycling and long-distance sport during recent years. We speak about how he supported the club during lockdown, whilst doing online challenges and using Strava to compete with his club. 

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 6 | Favour Sanusi

As episode six was filmed during Green Week , we explored some of the small changes people can make during the day to be more sustainable. Some great ideas, thoughts and opinions on the subject are shared by Favour Sanusi, our current Vice President for Activities.   

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 7 | Emma Weir

An exciting episode with a guest who has a variety of experiences. Emma has transitioned from a former student, committee member, and staff member to the current women’s hockey coach. Emma shared an insight into her current role at Loughborough University, applying her Sports Psychology background. An interesting talk for anyone wanting to work in performance sport.  

Walk and Talk Wednesday - Episode 8 | Elivs Zeiluks

Our final episode was filmed with our incoming Sport and Wellbeing Officer. The excitement and uncertainty are apparent in this episode. Elvis recognises the challenging year that has passed and his desire to move things forward is evident. We also discussed his involvement in basketball both with the University teams and as a national League Player. A great listen if you want to get to know your incoming Sport Sabb.  

We hope you enjoyed the Walk and Talk series and it inspired you to communicate with others whilst keeping physically active during lockdown. Thank you to all our guests for your open and honest conversations.  


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