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With Coventry occupying the top spot IN THE WORLD for MOOCs, there's clearly much to gain from taking one of our online courses. And with Coventry University Social Enterprise and Coventry University Student's Union delivering a range of free and engaging courses with online learning provider Future Learn in the coming weeks, now is the time to do so.

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Explore the world around you. Grow your leadership skills. Impact on employers and get hired.

2021 is an important year for Coventry University – it has been named #1 in world-rankings for MOOCs. That means Coventry has beaten big players like Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology to the top spot!

Coventry University's MOOCs

If you’re unfamiliar with the term ‘MOOCs’, it stands for Massive Open Online Courses. Coventry University’s MOOCs provide a purely digital learning experience, allowing for flexibility in location and enabling students to try out courses before choosing a degree. But MOOCS are also available to the general public and students already registered for study with CU Group, making them accessible to a wide audience.

Managing Director of Coventry University Online, Nick Worthington, said of the achievement,

“We’re delighted to be recognised as the top online university in the world based on the performance of our short courses. These have now been delivered to almost 600,000 students in 195 countries across the world, reinforcing our truly global reach.”

MOOCs on offer cover a range of subjects, including business, law, construction, psychology and education. Coventry University currently offers 97 in total, some of which are free. It has also supported learners through the pandemic, offering courses that focus specifically on working online, remaining motivated in a rapidly changing work environment and building emotional intelligence for professional purposes.

How are the MOOCs delivered?

All courses typically take place over a short period of 2-4 weeks, with a few hours of study required each week, making them easy to fit around busy schedules. Any MOOC adds a great addition to CVs, showing the student is not only committed to taking ownership of their own learning, but can also thrive in an online environment and utilise digital skills to achieve success.

All the MOOCs are delivered in partnership with Future Learn – a business that frequently partners with leading universities and organisations to deliver engaging courses that can develop people’s skills and open doors to career-changing opportunities. Future Learn has also worked with the British Council, King’s College London, The Open University and the Institute of Coding.

Enhance your Future 

Over the coming weeks, undergraduate students at Coventry University (please note campus-specific, not CU Group) will be offered a range of 14 completely free online courses, which will enable them to explore subjects such as leadership, career and entrepreneurial skills. These will be a combination of live workshops and individual study time. Each course will run over a two-week period, requiring just four hours of study time each week that can easily fit around existing studies or work. The information is both easily digestible and highly engaging – not an opportunity to be missed!

Each session will be highly interactive, running for one or two hours each. All sessions can be booked via the single system on Talent Connect. Course delivery will be split between CUSU and Coventry University teams. Here at CUSU, we are pleased to be bringing you Routes into Teaching; Routes into Volunteering; British Sign Language; and City of Culture Projects.

Coventry University Social Enterprise will be delivering other courses and also several sessions over this week (week continuing 15th March) that can help students with business ideas access funding and valuable advice. For more information on the business and entrepreneurial courses on offer with CUSE this week, check out our events page here.

There are 4,000 places available, so there is plenty of room to accommodate you on the course of your choice! Get browsing and get booking now

Pandemic Skills 

And another thing … If you’re worried that the pandemic has thrown you off course and you haven’t been building valuable skills – think again and read our informative article here. You might be surprised to learn how many skills you will have that are unique to students studying during these challenging times. We would argue you are more employable than your counterparts.



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