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Keeping Your Home Secure

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It’s so important to make sure you keep your accommodation secure, it’s something to think about when you’re home as well as when you’re out!

With several students all living in the same building, each with a variety of gadgets and electrical devices in their room, student accommodation are perfect targets for burglars. We’ve put together a few tips to help you make sure your accommodation is secure all year round.

Make it look like someone is home

This one is particularly important for when you’re out, especially over holidays. Burglars know that students tend to all head home at the same time, but this tip can be used throughout the year, even if you’re just going out for the night or are all away for a weekend.

Invest in a plug in timer and set your living room lamp to come on at times you would usually be in if you can set it for different times each day even better!

Make sure you take all your valuables with you if possible, of course, there will be some stuff you can’t take with you, but anything that you can take will mean less valuable items left in your house.

Keep Valuables Away from Windows

Your windows are shop fronts for potentials burglars. If you can clearly see several laptops, TVs, phones, game consoles, and other gadgets form the window then this makes your home an attractive target, plus these items can be grabbed quickly and easily. Keep all your valuables hidden whenever you’re out of your house.

Keep all your windows and doors locked

As obvious as it sounds it’s really easy for someone to clear out your house even when you’re in if you leave windows open and doors unlocked, so this is a tip for whether you’re in or out. Always keep your doors locked and shut your windows when not in a room. A thief doesn’t even have to enter your home to take off with your valuables, for example, if you leave your laptop by the window this could easily be taken through an open window while you just pop into another room.

Dispose of Packaging Carefully

When you’ve just invested in a brand new top of the range laptop don’t leave the box outside ready for the rubbish collectors to take it away. This is a perfect advertisement of what’s up for grabs inside your house, it’s basically a big sign saying “new expensive gadgets here.” Break all packaging down, put it in your recycling bin and cover it up with some other cardboard and paper.

When getting a taxi, get picked up from down the street

If you’re all off for a night out it’s going to be pretty obvious you’re leaving the house empty for the night. If you get picked up around the corner, then it’s not as clear which house you’ve all just come from. You may need to wait outside for a while but it’ll help make it less obvious which house you’ve just left empty.

Get Contents Insurance

With all your other bills to think about the last thing you want to do is start adding to your outgoings but it is well worth investing in some contents insurance just in case you do need it. Always check the policy carefully to see exactly what’s covered.

Use Royal Mail’s Keepsafe Service While You’re Away

A letterbox full of unopened post makes it quite obvious that your house has been empty for a while, so if your student house is going to be empty for a while use Royal Mail’s Keepsafe service. This service allows Royal mail to hold your post for you while you’re away and arrange delivery once you’re back.

Don’t Broadcast You’re Going Away on Social Media

As much as we all love to keep our social media updated with what we’re up to it’s not always a good idea to tell people you’re going away or make sure your privacy settings mean that only your friends can see what you’re posting

By following a few simple steps you can help keep your student accommodation more secure whether you’re out for the evening or for a few weeks. If you require any further housing support you can get in touch with one of our advisors.


Our Students’ Union Advice Centre have some great tips for going away for the holidays as well to keep your home and belonging safe and sound while you’re away.


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