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Deferrals FAQ

A deferral is permission for a student to delay an attempt at a particular assessment until after their relevant Assessment Board

What is a Deferral?

A deferral is permission for a student to delay an attempt at a particular assessment until after their relevant Assessment Board. A deferral usually means undertaking a new but equivalent assessment. If the deferral is for an examination, the deferred exam will take place at the next scheduled examination period.

Why Would I Apply for a Deferral?

Deferrals are normally applied for due to extenuating circumstances that are impacting your ability to study and complete assessments or take part in an examination. Extenuating circumstances can include illnesses or accidents that affect you, bereavement of family or friends, unforeseen crisis during an exam or leading up to a deadline (such as transport problems or severe weather). This is not an exhaustive list and further guidance on what amounts to extenuating circumstances can be found here - Mitigating Circumstance and Evidence (

How Can I Apply for a Deferral?

You can apply for a deferral based on your extenuating circumstances by completing the deferral form via the online extension and deferrals portal. You will need to attach the evidence of your extenuating circumstances with the form.

When Should I Apply for a Deferral?

We strongly recommend that you submit a deferral request before your submission deadline or date of your examination. Deferral requests submitted after a submission deadline or examination date will only be accepted if you can demonstrate and evidence why it was not possible to apply for one beforehand.

What Happens Next?

Your Faculty Registry Office will then consider your request and contact you with the outcome of your request or ask for any additional information if it is needed.

Will a Deferral Affect My Progression to the Next Year of my Course?

Deferred assessments and examinations have to be taken at the next available assessment opportunity which may be after when you would have progressed to the next year of your study. It isn’t always possible to progress to your next year of study if you haven’t completed all of your modules so it’s really important to understand how and if a deferral will affect your progression. You can speak with a member of SUAC, your Programme Team or Faculty Registry Office. Please use the following link to find the contact details for your Faculty Registry Office and talk with them about how a deferral could affect your progression.

Can a Deferral Affecting my Progression Impact my Student Finance?

If you are unable to progress to the next year of your course due to a deferred assessment and/or examination, this may impact whether you will be able to receive your maintenance loan during the academic year in which you complete your deferrals. Every student’s individual circumstances will be different so we would encourage you to speak with someone about this to understand if there are any financial implications for you. You can speak to a member of SUAC, your Programme Team or your Faculty Registry Office.

Who Can I Speak to More about a Deferral and if it's Right for Me?

You can contact one of our friendly Advisors at SUAC by emailing

You can also speak with your Course Director or contact your Faculty Registry Office using the following link


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Deferrals FAQ

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