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Crisp Packet Recycling Scheme

The University's catering company, Sodexo, are doing more to make our campus more environmentally friendly!


You may have already noticed the wall with the UN Sustainable Development Goals when you go by the food area in The HUB - that's just to show how committed Sodexo are to incorporating these into it's daily running!


One of the ways the company are doing this is by working to support the recycling system we currently have on campus. They have already started by relabelling the bins in the HUB food area to make it easier for students to separate general, food and recyclable waste. Now they're working to tackle another issue - the high number of crisp packets being thrown in general waste and ending up in landfill sites. They are now partnering with Walkers and Tetracycle to run a crisp packet recycling scheme and have introduced recycling points around campus to make it easier for us to do our bit to help the environment. So make sure you keep an eye out for these recycle points when you go by the following locations:

The Hub, Infopoint
Federick Lanchester
Library Foyer