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Sustainability Week

The new Sustainability Champions Team will be launching their first online Sustainability campaign of the year this October! Read on to find out more ...

The new Sustainability Champions Team will be launching their first online sustainability campaign of the year this October! 

From the 26th October expect to see a range of activities, challenges and other content promoting different aspects of the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Stay updated and get involved with what's happening by following @cususustainability on Facebook and Instagram.


Meat Free Monday Challenge!

Did you know a significant percentage of greenhouse gas emissions is due to animal agriculture? That's why to kick off the week Jesse, one of the CUSU Sustainability Champions, will be telling you about our Meat Free Monday challenge and how you can get involved! Click here to learn more.


Let's Talk about Trash!

Did you catch Adriana's Facebook Live event on Tuesday where she highlighted what really happens after we 'recycle' ? If not, there's still time to catch-up and get involved in the discussion!

Click here to watch


Kahoot Quiz

Do you think you have what it takes to be our Sustainability Quiz Champion?!

If you missed the live quiz on Wednesday, there is still time to try your luck at Fadhila's Sustainability Quiz Challenge! Test your knowledge, learn some interesting facts and see if  you have what it takes to rank in a podium position ... you have till November 11th to find out! 

Play Sustainability Kahoot Quiz


Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

The thought of trying to live an instagram worthy sustainable lifestyle can be rather daunting! That is why our Sustainability Champions are here to show how the little things make all the difference! Have a watch of Khue's video for her top tips for sustainable student living!

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Sustainable Brands Switch Challenge

Stayed tuned to find out more ...


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