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Student Wardens - Supporting students online

Who are the Wardens?

The Student Wardens are a team of enthusiastic volunteers who work hard to help students integrate into Coventry's wonderful community! Their aim is to encourage everyone to take care of the area they live in, engage more with the local community, and promote safer living.  


This year the team has moved their work online, with a key focus on keeping students informed in a time when things are more uncertain. This has involved the publishing of more informative articles on their webpage as well as sharing regular content and activities on their Facebook and Instagram pages.  The team is planning on organising more safety-oriented activities, as this is the current trend during the pandemic. Moreover, they are looking to explore the impact of a global pandemic on sustainability and to promote opportunities for students to engage more with the local community while adhering to government guidelines. 


Supporting Students during the pandemic

Since the pandemic, there has been a rise in the number of students experiencing isolation as well as confusion around the regularly changing government guidelines around Covid-19. To support students during this time the team have ... 

  • Promoted the wellbeing & welfare services where students can get support 
  • Shared an article on how to adapt to university online 
  • Raised awareness of the University’s Vygo peer mentoring programmes as a way for students to connect and support each other
  • Encouraged more students to volunteer to reduce feelings of isolation and engage more with the community
  • Educated students on the government's new tier system so they're aware of the rules they need to follow
  • Shared general wellbeing tips on combating lonliness during the pandemic
We are very active on our social media - follow @cusustudentwardens on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated!


Plans going forward

Over the next few weeks the team are planning to:

  • Run a safety Q&A in collaboration with our safety officers 
  • Conduct a student safety survey to understand how students are feeling and identify where we can support
  • Increase their online presence and widen engagement with other communities 
  • Create and promote more educational content on our social media platforms 


Hear from some of the team!


Joining the Student Wardens team on my last year was a great experience! It gave me a couple of extra activities I could do during extra free time, covering topics such as safer living, mental health and volunteering. Holding fair stands was super fun and we got to engage and play games with the student community. Coming up with online activities during the pandemic has been challenging but also very rewarding. Overall, I believe the Wardens do a great job at promoting the University’s services to students, I only wish I had joined earlier! "  Ana 


" This is my first year of being involved with the Student Warden team! I have kick-started my volunteering experience by writing an article for students about mental health. As a result of it, I have received so many positive messages saying how much the article meant to them as it was something they could relate to and which has helped them realise simple ways they can help themselves. This is just the start for me and I’m so excited for what the future holds. I think all students should join because there is nothing like the feeling of helping someone. " - Hafeezah 


" This is my second year in the Student Warden team, and I can confidently say that we have grown exponentially in such a limited period of time, both individually and as a group. Although our activity was cut short last year due to the current circumstances, we have managed to regroup in a tight timeframe and to create content suitable for the new online environment. I have learned so much in this time, from how to engage with the community to how to promote our activities on multiple platforms. I am currently managing the social media accounts of the Student Wardens along with a few other wonderful people from our team, and I am genuinely proud of how far we have come. I definitely encourage students to join us, as not only is it an opportunity to learn and adapt more easily, but it also is a chance to meet passionate and hardworking people during this difficult time! " -  Miruna 


Contact us

If you you would like to ask us any questions or find out more about the team we would love to hear from you! You can send us a message on Facebook and Instagram or email



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