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The Importance of Academic Integrity

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Dear Coventry University and CU Group Students,

I am Obinna, your Vice-President for Education at Coventry University Students’ Union. With assessments coming up we know many students are facing their biggest academic challenges yet.

I wanted to take a minute of your time to inform and reassure you of the importance of Academic Integrity and Wellbeing. Academic integrity is "the moral code or ethical policy of academia, it supports the enactment of educational values through behaviours such as the avoidance of cheating, plagiarism, and contract cheating". You have worked so hard to have the opportunity to study at Coventry University, do right by yourself and your peers, by keeping these standards high and by achieving through honest work and perseverance.

If you are accused of academic plagiarism or contract cheating, you can book a meeting to speak to a professional advisor at the Students’ Union and for any constructive feedback about your course make sure you speak to your Reps

As important as your Academic Integrity is, so is your wellbeing. Make sure you are taking regular breaks, maintaining a healthy balance in your diet and exercising. Organise catch ups and speak often with friends and close relations to keep yourself motivated and reassured. Utilise all the academic services here at the University such as Sigma, the Centre of Academic Writing, the library and your lecturers.

And for soon to be graduates, book a meeting with the Talent Team and the Employability Team who will be able to help you in your next steps. Good luck to all those taking their assessments this semester.

Sincerely, Obinna Okereke

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