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Arts valuable role in mental health

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Art has been shown to have many benefits and to aid individuals in many different aspects. Artistic hobbies and partaking in art has been shown to improve poor mental health and aid in building resilience and confidence. Engaging in art and the different practices of it has been shown to aid people’s wellbeing, act as a form of relaxation and also improve mental wellbeing. 

Arts and creativity are used within many mental health programmes to aid in recovery and management of poor mental health. It allows for people to de-stress themselves and allows people to express themselves, in a way that is fulfilling and does not require them to use words or interaction to do it. Expression through art is also extremely helpful as it does not have to make any sense or even be shared with anyone else, it can simply be a personal expression kept for yourself. By using this self-expression through art it means that we can truly be ourselves and allow us to fully explore ourselves and work through our issues. 

Participating in art can also aid people in creating a feeling of community and combating isolation, which is important in the global pandemic where we are all facing increasing levels of isolation. The arts are a useful way within the pandemic to combat loneliness and isolation, as well as preventing boredom during the lockdown. By partaking in art we are able to fully express ourselves and prevent the boredom and isolation that is plaguing us all during lockdown. 

The Art Society holds weekly sessions allowing students to try out different art techniques to explore what kind of art they will enjoy and a way of trying many different techniques to express themselves and combat the isolation of lockdown. 

You may also like to have a look at Arty Folks, a charity organisation based in Coventry who offer courses and workshops around using art as a method of inspiring people to rebuild their lives through visual arts and peer support.


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