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Graduating and securing a dream job during a global pandemic

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The final year of university is always ‘taught’, so, while making the most of your student life, you have to study and apply for graduate jobs at the same time. That was me earlier this year. I was finishing my dissertation, had bought tickets to the Summer Ball, and had several interviews and assessment centres booked.

Zuza stood outside her faculty building with dissertation 

Then the country went into lockdown. My mailbox was full of emails detailing cancelled events and jobs put on-hold. Suddenly, I had to leave my student accommodation, switch to online lectures and start my job search from scratch.

Zuza's new working from office

My advice to students is to not feel discouraged by current events. You can still find your dream job! What are my main tips for current students?

Firstly, don’t give up. Before securing your graduate job, you will receive many rejections, some companies will give you no feedback, and some will never get back to you. Secondly, reach out for help. Ask your friends to proofread your CV, post to LinkedIn that you are ‘actively looking’ for work, and use the career services available to you. Lastly, show your passion and do your research. Experience is important to many managers, but if you aren’t passionate about the company and the job role, no one will want to work with you. You got this!

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Zuza took part in plenty of volunteering whilst studying!


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