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Bringing together engineering students (and others interested) with a passion for solving complex real-world problems through consulting. Engineering consulting is not industry specific, so it caters for a wide range of students looking to build upon both technical and transferable skills. Using industry case studies, we can work as a team using consulting firm structures to arrive at a solution; this can then be compared to the real-life solution. This will include developing an approach, doing research, brainstorming and presenting within a team. This will give students great exposure to consulting (something that employers will look for) and develop a new set of skills. Meetings will be held weekly starting with ice-breaker sessions, simulated case studies will be conducted during meeting – the aim will be to work efficiently and close a solution before the end of the meeting. The meetings are supposed to be as much fun and enjoyable as technical and strategic with various activates and team building sessions. We hope that members will enjoy learning while with the society and take away memorable experiences that will help them in their future careers.

Aims & objectives:
1. Gain exposure an array of engineering fields, the problems faced and learning how to solve them, making members better equipped for their professional careers.

2. Developing communication skills by working within teams, while working together constructively to solve problem, and conveying your thoughts in a clear manner.

3.  To gain highly transferrable problem-solving skills, with the ability to think through problems logically, and arrive at solutions using previous technical knowledge learnt.
4. Working in teams under tight time constraints to emulate a professional working environment.

5. Building up individual confidence and the ability to present and convey ideas concisely in a limited timeframe. 
Membership Fee: £4.00

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