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Favour Sanusi, VP Activities

Welcome to Societies at Coventry, I'm Favour Sanusi, your VP Activities.

I oversee all Societies at Coventry as well as our Student Media groups and Sustainability.

Societies cover everything from academic support to performance, campaigning to networking, culture, language, hobbies, gaming, charity, and much, much more. We have around 180 societies for you to join (and if you can't find the one you're interested in you can start your own!)

Socs News

Student Media Shortlisted for National Societies Award!

We are excited to announce Student Media has been shortlisted for the Wellbeing Award at this year's National Societies & Volunteering Awards.

Societies: Coventry

KPMG Women Insight Programmes

Commercial Awareness

Facebook offers to pay for your voice recording

'Pronunciations', part of Facebook's market research app, aims to improve Facebook's speech recognition

Commercial Awareness

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