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Favour Sanusi, VP Activities

Welcome to Societies at Coventry, I'm Favour Sanusi, your VP Activities.

I oversee all Societies at Coventry as well as our Student Media groups and Sustainability.

Societies cover everything from academic support to performance, campaigning to networking, culture, language, hobbies, gaming, charity, and much, much more. We have around 180 societies for you to join (and if you can't find the one you're interested in you can start your own!)

Socs News

Welcome to the Enterprise Society

The Enterprise Society has been recently adopted, click the article to read more.

Enterprise Society

Parasoc 20/21 Committee

Meet the Parasoc 20/21 Committee!


First session of the year! See you Wednesday (6pm)!!!


After our amazinggg and laughter-filled Meet 'n' Greet, we are back with our first session of the year. These sessions, all in all, are to help you better yourself, whether that's improving your communication skills or financial literacy. So come along, meet some like-minded people and take some time to CHILLLLLL!

WhatNext? Coventry

Aviation Society have a PODCAST

The Aviation Society have set up their very own Podcast, where they openly and honestly discuss all things Aviation!

Societies: Coventry

Socs Events

Investment CUIS x Fidelity International Alumni event
26th October 6pm - 7:30pm
Coventry University Alumni event in partnership with Fidelity International
Occupational Therapy Guest Speaker: Prof. Gavin Jenkins
28th October 7:30pm - 8:30pm
Prof. Gavin Jenkins is an OT currently living and working in the USA. He'll be sharing about his career starting from graduating in the UK, and all the places his work has taken him.
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