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Reps The Masked Rep Dancer
12th July 11am - 16th August 5pm
Cusu Reps Social Media
Grab your mask, don your fancy dress as it’s ‘The Rep Masked Dancer’.  When that perfect tune comes on, we can’t resist but give a little bit of a dance. Well, we at the Reps team want to see your talents and see your moves!
Reps Dress your Pet or Stuffed Toy in Rep colours
26th July 11am - 30th August noon
Cusu Reps Social Media
Who does not love seeing cute pictures of pets all dressed up? Well... That’s exactly what we want to see!  Over the summer we will be running a competition where we ask you to dress up your pet or stuff toy in rep themed colours.
Reps Rep Social Media Takeover
2nd August 10am - 3rd September 5pm
Cusu Reps Social Media
We want to improve our social media and what better way than for you to be the focus of our posts. Throughout August we will be asking you for submission on each weeks theme.
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