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Semester One in Societies

We've had a great Semester 1! Take a look at what we've been up to...

With Christmas only days away, we're looking back on the first semester of this academic year, and celebrating how awesome our societies have been!

Naturally, we've seen an amazing increase in the number of people getting involved with societies, especially compared to last year when we were fully online! As of the time this article was published, 1160 students have purchased memberships to some of our fabulous societies; that's almost a 20% increase from this time last year. Societies within all of our categories have been super busy running fun sessions and events, both in-person and online, and it was great to see them out and about promoting themselves during September Welcome. 

17 Society Adoptions have taken place this year already, with societies being adopted ranging from the revival of Pole Fitness to Architecture and even Midwifery - there's a great variation across our categories, which means there are even more options for you to get involved, regardless of your interests/area of study! But there are plenty of societies still in need of adoption; check out for the full list and to find out more about submitting an application.

Because there have been so many societies coming and going throughout CUSU's time, it's often hard to find a society that hasn't already been done and is waiting for adoption. Nevertheless, we've had 5 new societies set up so far, all with great ideas and exciting plans for the coming semester! You can submit an application for a new society by going to

Our societies have also ran a number of fabulous events and sessions throughout Semester one, including weekend trips (Christian Union), multiple themed socials (Debating) and practical sessions to improve course-based skills (Manufacturing) - and that's only to name a few! We can't wait to see what everybody gets up to next, and we're counting down the days before we can get going again.


On behalf of the entire Student Experience Team at CUSU, congratulations on completing semester one. Have a great holiday break and we'll see you in 2022!


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