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4 Reasons to join an Academic Society

We have dozens of Academic Societies, but why should you join yours?

We have dozens of Academic Societies, but why should you join yours?

Build up your real world connections

Our academic societies are always collaborating with organisations to create internships, contacts and experience for members to give them that additional push into their chosen field. Academic society members go on to placements, internships, and employment thanks to the links their society has.

Get access to labs, gadgets and more  

Societies can book labs, lecture rooms, performance spaces, and specialist equipment to hold events and work on projects. If your course involves specialist equipment or facilities your academic society is a great way to boost your access to the things you need.

Find study support

By joining your academic society you will find students working on similar projects or assignments. You will also get to meet people who have completed the modules you're taking and can give you crucial pointers and support. Your academic society is a great creative space to share your ideas, get inspiration and critique, and help one another to focus.

All work and no play?

Academic societies aren't just about your studies and your career, they also organise socials and trips to wind down and take a break from your hard work.

How do I join?

To find your Academic Society go to the Academic Hall of the Virtual Societies Fair. If you can't find a society for your course it might be available for you to adopt and take forward as part of a new committee, or you can join one of our many other Societies.


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