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Women In Engineering win Society of The Year!

Women in Engineering (WES) were crowned the winners of the Society of The Year at last nights CUSU Awards- find out what they've been up to this year to be winners!

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Congratulations to Women in Engineering, who last night were crowned the Society of the Year for 2021!

With a very tough shortlisting group full of a number of societies who could've won the award, it was decided that WES had gone above and beyond what was expected on a number of occassions and had provided their members with an incredible experience despite difficult circumstances!

This year WES held a number of events including:

  • Networking & LinkedIn advice
  • One of the leading societies behind the hugely successful 'Fundraiser Fest'
  • Sustainability Panel Q&A
  • Baby Steps Into Adulting
  • Numerous game nights

Alongisde this they have also released a brilliant podcast called 'WES Chit Chat' which you can find on Spotify!

Having offered mentorship, support, opportunities and friendship to their members it's been incredible to see what they've done this year.

Well done again and we look forward to seeing who will be Society of the Year next year!



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