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Volunteering - With The Gen2Gen Project!

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Coventry University has a reputation for providing stellar aid local and national charities by reason of willing volunteers ready to invest their time and efforts to help others. This inspired me greatly to look at the opportunities available so I do could impact lives with the investment of my personality.

In my search I came across Gen 2 Gen project (G2G), I deemed this an ideal way of using my technical and IT skills to teach people from the community in an environment that they would find relaxing and comforting. The G2G was a joint collaboration of the University with the City Council who organised the workshops using the Universities library as the location for the teaching to take place.

During the project, I worked with both groups and individuals to help them understand the technology behind smartphones and other devices such as laptops, tablets and computers. Understandably, some of the members within the community found the technology overwhelming and it was my job to show them how to use and get more acquainted with it.

My main assignment was to succor in: the area of social networking, how to set up and use email, apps and Skype. I also taught on how to use the basic settings on a phone varying from setting up ringtones and volume control to WIFI and Bluetooth configuration.

The personal reward of satisfaction I received from this experience is immeasurable; I became fascinated with the stories that those I taught told me about their life and families. To classify this as a practical class alone would be a disservice, I was granted the opportunity to social mingle and build acquaintances that even continued after the sessions. Due to the fact that the general of the populous of the class was geriatric, I found that they enjoyed talking to me which was a benefit for both parties as I developed my social awareness and appreciation for the perspectives of others.

I really enjoyed being a part of this award-winning scheme for it gave me a great deal of experience in dealing with the older generation. I would encourage anyone, who wants to impact the world, to look beyond their immediate circle and open their vision to help their locality. Through these simple acts of compassion and love we build ourselves to relevance on a Global scale.




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